A 2D mobile story-filled platformer that started as an assignment for one of my courses. A franchise was born.


The main goal of this project is…. well, several, a combination of things.

A big part of it is learning. I’ve been teaching myself Anima2D and have, in my opinion, succeeded. I’ve also tried working with sound and making a score and though I’ve created something I’m not sure at this point if the word succeed is worthy of being used here.

Also art-style consistency has been a bit of a challenge and my biggest struggle so far…. I forgot to mention, this project was started a while ago.


Okay, so this one is a big one, NOT because of THIS specific version, but because of the plans I have for it. Franchise, I tell you.

It’s supposed to be a bigger part of what I call PI’s [insert magic user type – yeah, still unsure of what word to use… magicians, druids, witches….].

The main idea behind the games of this franchise is going to be pretty consistent. A magic user gets ill and said illness defines their current abilities. Said abilities will be used to get to the Green Witch, who isn’t really a magic user but more like a muggle herbalist.


Unity & Anima 2D



Tux Guitar


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